Polychain Labs x Cosmos

Secure staking and validation for the Cosmos community, powered by Polychain Labs

Polychain Labs is the largest and oldest staking operation. We're now powering the Cosmos network with secure infrastructure that is ready to accept your delegated ATOMs.

How to Delegate

To delegate your ATOMs to Polychain Labs and start earning rewards, you'll need to delegate your stake to our validator: gaiacli tx staking delegate cosmosvaloper14k4pzckkre6uxxyd2lnhnpp8sngys9m6hl6ml7 <amount to bond in uatoms> --from <your account or account name> For detailed instructions on how to delegate, please see Cosmos' SDK Docs, the CLI Instructions or the Initialization Blog Post.

What to Expect

You can delegate your ATOMs without needing to share your private keys or transfer any ATOMs from your wallet. Once delegated, you will automatically start accruing earned staking rewards as Polychain Labs' staking service validates and proposes new blocks. We will retain 20%1 of these rewards to continue funding and securing our operation. Your rewards will accrue directly at the protocol level- Polychain Labs will never have custody of your delegated funds or rewards.

In delegating to Polychain Labs, you'll also have the opportunity to engage in votes on protocol updates yourself, or you can defer your votes to Polychain Labs, to vote on the proposals we feel best support the long-term security and stability of the Cosmos network.